We believe that through your journey through life is a special one, so we strive to help maintain a better quality of life. In doing so, we take pride in our more hands on approach and enjoy bringing smiles among your faces along the way.


"Holistic Care Hospice and Palliative Care was wonderful. The hospice team of field staff were kind, compassionate and very capable in providing care for my loved one and gave me incredible support through the entire experience. They were a true blessing and I highly recommend their service to others who need hospice."  :Maria H. 

"My deepest gratitude for your skillful and understanding care for Dad and for me during this past year! He left us as he desired, peacefully and when he was ready." :Sandy J., patient's daughter

 "We are very pleased with the treatment given to our father...we thank god for sending Mel (CHHA) to care for my father." ​:Mary G., patient's daughter

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you're likely to get many different answers. There is one thing they will all agree on though; we are here in a time of need with care and passion.

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We believe hospice is a concept for those who have life-limiting illnesses. Even when medicine cannot provide a cure, it can offer comfort, care, and assistance that help maintain a better quality of life for the patient. This type of care called palliative care, involves the aggressive treatment of physical & emotional pain & symptoms. It focuses on enhancing a patient's comfort & improving that person's quality of life.


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Interested in our services, or have any general inquiries? Please give us a call or send us a fax. You can also send us a message and one of our professional representatives will contact you as soon a possible.

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"We were so blessed to have Holistic Care Hospice and Palliative Care from Corona provide care for our loved one and it was so wonderful to be able to have her in the home and the care that was provided was excellent, competent, compassionate, kind, and absolutely wonderful in ever respect. I would highly recommend Holistic Care Hospice and Palliative Care in Corona California to anyone who is in need of hospice or palliative care services." :Louise R.

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